Monday, October 12, 2009

BEAUTIFUL architecture.

An architect is trained and licensed in the planning and designing of buildings, and participates in supervising the construction of a building. Etymologically, architect derives from the Latin architectus, itself derived from the Greek arkhitekton (arkhi-, chief + tekton, builder), i.e. chief builder. [1] A looser usage of Architect is: the translator of the building user's requirements of and from a building into an inhabitable environment. Moreover, the words architect and architecture are used in the disciplines of engineering, e.g. computer software architect; however, in some of the world's jurisdictions, the professional and commercial uses of these etymologic variants, are legally protected from such loose denotations.

Sydney opera house, Australia.
It is a great example of architect all over the world.

It is designed by Utzon.

St pancras Midland hotel.
London, United kingdom.

The parthenon
Athens, Greece.
"the supreme example of architectural sites"

The national congress of Brazil.
Designed by oscar niemeyer.

The Bauhaus Dessau architecture department.

Designed by Walter gropius.

Wells cathedral.
somerset,England, United kingdom.

The Tajmahal.


, Combodia.